Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Consequences for Your Baby if You Smoke while Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy can have dangers to your unborn child. There are many reasons why you should quit smoking now but most importantly is that it is better for your baby's health.

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There will be many positive health benefits for you and you will feel so much better. Because pregnancy is a stressful time you have to be extra committed to what you are doing. This article will list some of the hidden dangers of smoking while pregnant.

When you smoke so does your baby.

Hundreds of chemicals are added to tobacco, including carbon monoxide and nicotine. You provide nourishment to your baby via the placenta including oxygen. Of course whatever is in your system, from smoking, gets transferred into the placenta and is available to your developing fetus. It is known that cigarette makers put hundreds of chemical into the tobacco for various reasons. Some of them, such as formaldehyde, are known carcinogens that help to make the effects of nicotine almost immediately felt in your brain.

Infants of smoking mothers are displaying an interesting trend. Babies with smoking mothers have a higher heart rate than those of babies whose mothers didn't smoke. Babies of smoking mothers have hearts rates that are about 30% higher than those of nonsmokers. We are talking about mothers who smoked during pregnancy. It is difficult to know the exact cause of this condition. Smoking prevents the baby from receiving the normal amount of oxygen which could be part of the cause of this condition.

The number of children with ADHD, or attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, is increasing. Every year, millions are diagnosed with this condition and the numbers keep increasing. There are many causes of ADHD and smoking at least half a pack a day while pregnant can increase your child's tendency toward hyperactivity. This leads to an increased risk of your child being diagnosed with ADHD. There are many negative effects your unborn child can suffer from if you smoke while pregnant. There is still much to learn and more research needs to be done. Still, the bottom line is pretty clear considering what is known about the negative and harmful effects of smoking on a fetus. It is extremely important for pregnant women to find a way to quit smoking. When you think about it, most people do not quit because it is too hard or they are not ready to quit. We urge you to do more reading and research on the subject. If you are pregnant, do talk to your doctor as soon as possible and get help with the nicotine addiction.

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