Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Terrible Effects Smoking During Pregnancy has on Your Child

This article will go over some of the many dangers to your unborn child if you are smoking during pregnancy. If you are smoking now it will be better for your baby if you quit now.

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Plus there are so many positive benefits for you as well, such as, you will feel better and have a lot more energy. During the stressful time of pregnancy you have to be committed. Here are just a few of the many hidden dangers for your child when you're smoking during pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to your child's premature death. SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is more likely in young babies exposed to second hand smoke. SIDS is defined as the sudden death of a child who is less than a year old with no apparent cause of death. This is an extremely serious risk to take with your child as a pregnant mother. If more women were aware of the risks of smoking while pregnant, we believe that more would work harder to quit. We have mentioned in other places that the baby whose mother smoked while pregnant can have seriously compromised lung functions. By smoking while pregnant, you place your child at a greater risk for lung issues such as asthma and a greater tendency for pneumonia. There is also a heightened risk for developing bronchitis plus other chronic respiratory symptoms. Keep in mind that these problems also involve your child's immune system. Because of this, the child is more susceptible to infection.

The possibilities are endless and negative when a pregnant mother smokes. The main culprit is the cigarette smoking, but that can be further broken down into more specific causes.

Blood vessels constrict when nicotine is present in the blood. When the blood vessels are constricted, there is less oxygen available in the blood due to reduced blood flow. Of course the heart rate increases to compensate. By smoking during pregnancy you decrease blood oxygen to our baby's brain and cardiovascular system.

The common problems associated with smoking during pregnancy can be eliminated if you quit. In this case, the choice is pretty black and white. For more motivation to quit, research and learn more about what could happen to your child if you don't quit. Still births and a higher risk of SIDS are some of the most serious risks. Smoking during pregnancy is extremely harmful for your baby and for you, as anyone can see.

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